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Chic Pea Vegan Cafe

We love animals.

OUR Vision

Chic Pea Vegan Cafe opened its doors first in January 2017. Myself (Mica) grew up in Germany in a Restaurant that has been in our family for four generations (my sister just took over as the 5th). My Papa is a Chef, and I learned from a young age what tastes good. For a few years I had been dreaming of my own little Cafe, and since I have seen behind the curtains of the food business industry there was no way I was selling any animal products. My Vision & Mission is to show everyone how delicious vegan food is, and vegans are not missing out on any flavours! I like to veganize dishes I have grown up with, and want to show that everyone can do it.




9AM – 8PM 

Saturday - Sunday

9AM – 6PM 

We do Catering / Cooking Classes/ Privat Cooking

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    Everything we offer is freshly made in our little Cafe early in the morning.

    No Animal Products

    All our dishes are full of flavour, not a single animal is hurt or used.


    We have catered for different events like dinner party, personal Chef, conferences. Everything is possible, just contact us.